Fall Contest

AIPA Fall Contest Information

Do your best work and collect it throughout the school year! 

June 15 is the Deadline

This page describes the process for entering the AIPA Fall scholastic journalism contests. Winners will be announced at the AIPA Fall Convention.

Entering the contest is a three-step process:

1. Join AIPA here  if you are not already a member. Need a PDF? Use this: Membership & Contest Registration

2. Register and provide details for the contest here by June 10.

3. Upload your entries by June 15. Directions are below.

Please send payments and other correspondence to Paula Casey:

FAX: (602) 261-7525

Mail: AIPA c/o Paula Casey – 1001 N. Central Ave. Suite 670 – Phoenix, AZ 85004-1947

NOTE: You will still need to submit the online Google registration form mentioned above in order to enter the contest. It provides notification to the AIPA contest coordinator to email you your Google submission folder. Paula Casey is the executive director of the Arizona Newspapers Association, Inc.

Contest Categories and Descriptions (PDFs):

Newspaper Categories

Yearbook Categories

TV Film Radio Categories

General Excellence Categoires

Rules and Directions:

1. Your school/publication MUST be a member of AIPA to submit entries in the contest. Any entries submitted by a non-member school will be returned without being entered. If you aren’t sure if you are a member, contact Paula Casey: We suggest that publications join AIPA in August of the current school year, but if you have not already done so, the online membership form must be completed in order to enter the contest for the current school year.

2. Each entry must have been created by students and published during the current school year. Any entry published outside of this school calendar year will be disqualified.

3. Payment arrangements for membership and contest must be received prior to entry submission. The two links above provide the necessary details.

4. Categories allow for up to four entries each, unless otherwise noted on the individual contest registration form. Entries cannot be submitted to more than one category.

5. After submitting the registration form, you will receive a link to a folder for your school’s entries. In it, you will find a Google spreadsheet on which to list all entries. Entries may be submitted one of three ways:

1) by including the URL for live entries from your website on the spreadsheet

2) by including PDF information on the spreadsheet and uploading the PDFs to your school folder

3) by mailing printed General Excellence entries to:   AIPA c/o Paula Casey – 1001 N. Central Ave. Suite 670 – Phoenix, AZ 85004-1947

Google Spreadsheet Directions:

On the Google spreadsheet, each entry must be named with the category number, school name, student’s full name and a shortened form of the headline or caption for the entry.

Example: N1_SunriseMountain_KristyRoschke_Homecoming.

Note – One column on the spreadsheet is for entering a URL for live entries that can be viewed on a website.

Any entry that represents the work of more than two students should be designated as a “staff” entry rather than naming the individual students. For print entries, please outline in red the content on the page to be judged. Again, print work may be uploaded as a PDF to your folder or mailed to AIPA at the above address.

When done with the spreadsheet and PDF uploads, you may email the contest coordinator to request confirmation:

6. Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in disqualification. Note: Please do not ask the contest coordinators to submit your entries for you. Advisers and staffs must take responsibility for having the technology capability of submitting their own entries.

Please check your entries very carefully to be sure you followed this process before submitting them. • Entries must be submitted in the appropriate category. Please read thoroughly the descriptions for each category to determine if an entry meets the criteria listed. Entries cannot be submitted to more than one category.

• All print entries should be entered as a complete tear sheet, with the content to be judged outlined in red. Do not submit standalone stories or photography. • Limit your entries to no more than four entries per category, except where otherwise noted. • Adhere to copyright laws and journalistic ethics.

Judging: Judges will follow professional standards and guidelines for each category. Judges may be professionals working in the journalism field or experienced and impartial advisers. Also, please remember that this is strictly a contest and not an evaluation or critique service.

All content materials become the property of AIPA. First-place winners may be used for publication purposes.

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