AIPA History

AIPA Life-Time Members

  1. Graham French, 1958-59
  2. Roswell Willard, 1958-59, West Phoenix, a founder
  3. Miriam Jane, 1961-62, Salpointe High School
  4. Robert Cooley, 1963-64, Washington High School
  5. G. T. Young, 1964-65, Mesa, a founder
  6. Rachel Riggins, 1966-67, Bisbee High School
  7. Herman Schweikart, the “father” of the association

AIPA History

AIPA history from 2005-2010

AIPA history from 2000-2005

AIPA history from 1995-2000

AIPA history from 1990-1995

AIPA history from 1985-90

AIPA Original history 1949-1970


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AIPA History