Freeman Hover New Adviser of the Year Award winners

The Freeman Hover Award for Excellence in Journalism is for advisers with five or fewer years experience.


2019-2020: None

2018-2019: Jake Kelly

2017-2018: Laura Hardy

2016-2017: Heather Jancoski

2015-2016: Theresa Smith

2014-2015: Larry Ross

2013-2014: Chad Renning

2012-2013: Mica Mulloy

2011-2012: Damien Tippett

2010-2011: Kerri Casa

2009-2010: Anna Horton

2008-2009: Ryan Witting

2007-2008: Melanie Allen

2006-2007: Erin Howard

2005-2006: Brian Snyder

2004-2005: Dave Cornelius

2003-2004: Jill Jones

2002-2003: Christine Brandell

2001-2002: Michelle Hamilton

2000-2001: Mary Jo Case

1999-2000: Anne Daley

1998-1999: Jim Nichols

1997-1998: Bob Snider

1996-1997: Kelly Munoz

1995-1996: Troy Thomas

See the list of winners of the Forest R Martin Award for experienced advisers.

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Freeman Hover New Adviser of the Year Award winners