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Dave Cosgrove Student Journalist of the Year scholarship entries must be submitted to a private Google Drive folder by Feb. 15. Participating schools must first fill out the entry form to get access to the submission folder.  All JOY entries must be submitted via Google Drive. All entries must be saved as PDF or MP3, MPEG4, or AVI (for audio/video files).

For specific information about portfolio requirements, please visit:

To enter, simply follow these steps:
1) Submit your entry information via Google form: HERE . AIPA JOY Coordinators will respond to you via email, giving you access to a Google Drive folder for the student journalist’s entries.

2) Once you gain access to your school’s folder, you will save in that folder all portfolio entries. Individual portfolio pieces should be named with the student’s last name and a description of the file. Example: Smith_Resume. All files should be saved as either PDF, MP3, MPEG4 or AVI (for audio/visual files).

3) If the student’s work is presented in an online portfolio (optional, but recommended), the link to the portfolio should be saved in a document in the Google Drive Folder. Example: Smith_OnlinePortfolio. For guidelines on creating an online portfolio see:

The deadline for portfolio submission is February 15; it is recommended that you fill out the initial entry form by February 10 in order to have enough time to complete the submission process.

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