Benefits of conventions


High school journalism students listen to their instructor during AIPA’s summer workshop.

With the AIPA Fall Convention just a month away, I’m reminded of all the benefits of high school journalism conventions.

Whether it’s a local convention, like AIPA’s event Sept. 18 at ASU’s Memorial Union in Tempe, or the national JEA/NSPA conventions in Boston this fall or San Diego this spring, a gathering of high school journalists is always inspiring and invigorating.

I enjoy taking students to the AIPA Fall Convention because it seems to light a fire within them, making my job that much easier. Conventions are a great way for students to see what other programs are doing and to gather ideas to infuse into their own programs.

The AIPA Fall Convention also exposes students – albeit it briefly and minimally – to a college campus. The national conventions provide sightseeing opportunities to supplement the wealth of journalism knowledge available.

Whatever the case, journalism conventions provide invaluable opportunities and experiences for students and advisers alike.